Professionals 50 Forward


The 2021 Lifelong Learner Scholarship Program


The Professionals 50 Forward Lifelong Learner Scholarship Program was established to support professional and personal development and success for nontraditional students through education and community involvement. P50F’s scholarships will be awarded to nontraditional students pursuing their GED or first undergraduate degree.


To qualify for P50F’s Lifelong Learner scholarship, you must be a nontraditional student. We consider a student nontraditional if his/her college enrollment is delayed by 5 or more years after the completion of high school OR the student does not have a high school diploma. To be considered for this scholarship, the applicant’s educational goals will include undergraduate study at an accredited 2- or 4-year college or university OR enrollment in an accredited General Education Development (GED) program or a Certification program


P50F encourages lifelong learning and we are excited to offer this scholarship opportunity to nontraditional students pursuing any academic discipline.


P50F will award scholarships valued at a minimum of $1,000.




Your online application submitted at by Monday, May 17th, 2021; 11:59pm CT

  1. Basic Application (Personal Information, Current Work Experience, Community Service/Activities etc.,)

  2. 1 Letter of Recommendation (including their contact information)

  3. Sponsorship by a current P50F member (optional)

  4. Essay on the topic “What Will Be the Impact of My Continued Education?”

    • Video format (3-4 minutes) OR

    • Document format (300-500 words)

Winners will be notified by Wednesday, July 2nd, 2021.

Good luck!

2021 Professionals 50 Forward Scholarship Frequently Asked Questions


How much money will be awarded for each 2021 Professionals 50 Forward scholarship?

Total amount and number of scholarships awarded varies each cycle based on funds available and applications received. The scholarship will be a minimum of $1000.


Who is eligible to apply for the scholarship?  To be eligible for consideration that applicants must:

  • It has been at least 5 years since last high school experience. (High School degree not required)

  • Enrolled in an institute of learning including but not limited to a trade school, community college, university or GRE preparation course

  • Be a U.S. Citizen or permanent resident

  • Complete the scholarship application by Program Due Date. Incomplete applications will not be considered


My family member works at AT&T – am I still eligible?

Yes, family members of AT&T employees are eligible to apply.


Are AT&T employees eligible?

No, AT&T employees can take advantage of tuition assistance offered through the company.


I don’t know anyone that works at AT&T – am I still eligible?

Yes, the scholarship is open to the community.


Do I need someone from the Professionals 50 Forward ERG to sponsor me?

This is not a requirement but we do recommend it for administrative purposes.


How many letters of recommendation do I need to apply?

A minimum of one and up to three.


Who can I get recommendation letters from?

Teachers, employers, or anyone who knows you and can attest for you.


I am enrolled in a graduate program.  Am I eligible to apply?

No, graduate students are not eligible to apply.


I have a college degree but have switched careers and need to take some certification courses.  Am I eligible to apply?

Yes, if you have been out of high school more than five years.


I was a Professionals 50 Forward scholarship recipient in the past; am I eligible to apply again?

Past recipients are eligible to be awarded the scholarship once a year but need to provide a transcript or other official documents demonstrating academic performance with a GPA or GPA-equivalent of a 2.5 or above.


When is the application due?

All applications must be complete and submitted by due date on the announcement


What if I need an extension?

We are not able to grant an extension for the application period.


What format is required for the essay?

The essay must be in a PDF format.


How can I find out the status of my application?

Upon successful submission, each applicant will receive email confirmation of the receipt of the application. The Professionals 50 Forward Scholarship Committee will notify all applicants of the program result after all scholarship recipients are selected.


How and when will applicants be notified? 

The Professional 50 Forward Scholarship Committee will notify the scholarship recipients by due date on announcement


How are the funds distributed?  

The funds will be paid directly to the institution of enrollment.  A member of the committee will work with applicants to get the required data.


What would be the expected Scholarship Amount?  

The amount may vary anywhere from $1k to $2k based on our past awards.


How many scholarships will be awarded?

Number of awarded scholarships will vary based on the number of qualified applicants.


If I have any questions who can I contact?